Full system integration and startup

Many integrators will design and program a system, verify the I/O is wired to the correct points and leave the rest to the customer. At ATI, we work with you and collaborating contractors to ensure that the entire system is fully operational before we will sign off a project being complete. This includes testing every piece of equipment, running every process and providing comprehensive end-user training. When we leave a project, your operators will be able to fully utilize your new system.

Electrical and control system layout and design

From simple pieces of stand-alone equipment, to full manufacturing facilities, we can work with your existing design or help you create something entirely new.

Automation Technologies, Inc.

UL listed panel shop

We only use UL listed components compliant with UL 408 standards for industrial use. We can create CAD drawings following the standards or update your drawings to make sure they meet specifications.

Custom PLC programming

By working with you to determine your exact needs, we determine the appropriate controller, I/O and network for your system. We consider the customer needs and work to provide systems that fit those needs.

Custom operator interface design

Interfaces are optimized to maximize ease of use and provide maximum efficiency with minimized startup and training time. From stand-alone industrial touch screens, to server-based whole-plant thin-client solutions, we design interfaces to meet customer’s exact needs.

ThinManager® certified integrators

We are certified to design and deploy a powerful thin-client infrastructure. This server-based solution allows for all operator stations to be controlled and maintained from a central server. Benefits include rapid deployment and minimized downtime during replacement of operator stations.


Data monitoring and visualization solutions

By utilizing the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and cloud-based solutions, we provide operations and facilities maintenance and management with full system health alerts that are able to process data securely from any location and device.

Powerful machine monitoring and operations analytics

We help decrease downtime not only with a smart initial design and implementation but also with continued machine health monitoring and analytics solutions. ATI provides a variety of options for helping management keep systems running with as little downtime as possible. With both on-premise and cloud-based solutions available, we can help optimize overall facility operations.


Continued on-site and remote support after system startup

We provide secure solutions for remotely connecting systems after startup is complete. This capability can be utilized to complete a wide range of functions from troubleshooting to system upgrades. Using this technology allows us to maintain and update systems long after installation is complete.

Rockwell Automation® solutions

ATI specializes in process control solutions provided by Rockwell Automation®. We are highly experience in the full line of automation solutions. From small logic controllers for stand-alone pieces of equipment, to powerful processors controlling entire production facilities, ATI has the knowledge and experience to help decide the best solution for your needs.

Legacy PLC and HMI migration

We have the tools and techniques to migrate your legacy systems to modern systems with minimal downtime. Upgrading to more modern process control technology can dramatically improve process operating efficiency and minimize downtime for system maintenance.

Help with process optimization and design

We want to help maximize ROI and improve operational efficiency. By combining our 30+ years of experience with latest advances in process automation, we are confident we can provide customers with a solution that exceeds expectations.


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